• Hydra scripts nft

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    hydra scripts nft

    Hydra scripts nft

    Hydra scripts nft купить семечку конопли украине hydra scripts nft

    Извиняюсь, настроить прокси сервер в браузере тор hydra точно знаю


    With that in mind, we suggest looking not only at throughput, but also at finality and concurrency as important metrics to consider and discuss scalability:. Hydra Heads excel in achieving near-instant finality within a Head.

    The process of setting up and closing a Head can take a few blocks, but once established, transactions can flow rapidly across collaborative participants. Since Hydra Heads also use the EUTXO model, they can process non-conflicting transactions concurrently, which — coupled with good networking — allows for optimal use of the available resources.

    We are now in the process of benchmarking the real implementation in terms of throughput and finality. One caveat: a Hydra Head is a very local construct within a small group of participants. These groups will initially be independent and thus, looking at the sum of their individual metrics as a whole is misleading.

    Since groups are independent and can be independently created at will, it is easy to reach any figure by just adding them up: ten, a thousand, one million, one billion, and so on. Because the consensus inside a Head requires every participant to react to every transaction. For example, the interconnection of Hydra Heads paves the way for larger networks of participants, effectively turning local Heads into a global network.

    We are exploring several other ideas to extend the Hydra Head protocol to broaden the set of use cases it can cover. We will talk more about that in the next sections and in future updates. So when are Heads useful? Hydra Heads shine when a small group of participants need to process many quick interactions.

    Imagine, for example, a pay-per-use API service, a bank-to-bank private network, or a fast-paced auction between a seller and a small group of bidders. The use cases are plenty and take various forms. Some of them may be long-running Heads going for months, whereas others may be much shorter and only last a few hours.

    However, as the Hydra Head protocol has been researched and built as a proof of concept, we can firmly state that it is a misunderstanding to say that only SPOs should run a Hydra Head to ensure ledger scalability. In fact, SPOs have no intrinsic interest in opening Heads between each other without a reason to transact tipping or trading NFTs, for example. They can be a participant and open up Heads with other peers, but so can anyone interested.

    Admittedly, SPOs are good in operating infrastructure and can be some of the first users running instances of the Hydra Head protocol. Still, this only allows participating SPOs to transact with one another, which limits use cases for end users. Only advanced layer 2 system designs like the Interhead Hydra protocol require intermediaries to run infrastructure to the benefit of end users.

    In fact, we anticipate that one likely setup for Hydra Heads will be providing users managed Hydra Heads as a service HaaS. We can achieve this without giving up custody of funds by running the infrastructure on the behalf of end users, who generally have neither the interest nor the technical skills to maintain such infrastructure. This is very similar to the current operational model of light wallets and light wallet providers that are much more likely to be running Hydra Heads in the long run.

    Imagine a network composed of the top light wallet providers within the Cardano ecosystem. Such providers can then facilitate instant and cheap payments between their users while ensuring overall trust. We also envision that services for developers and DApp providers will be likely candidates for running Hydra Heads. Indeed, DApp developers require access to on-chain information.

    For that, developers may rely on online services that provide adequate interfaces and typically charge monthly usage fees. Hydra Heads can improve this process enabling a more decentralized business model with pay-per-use API calls between service providers and DApp developers. As a group of protocols that will be delivered over time, and will involve more elaborated layer 2 system designs on top of the Hydra Head protocol, it is crucial that we engage frequently with developers of the Cardano ecosystem.

    We need to understand developer challenges, make sure to meet their needs, and ultimately ensure we are building something useful. This is why we are developing Hydra Head as an open-source GitHub project, starting with an early proof of concept last year.

    Aiming for a regular and frequent release cadence, we released our initial developer preview in September 0. The next increment 0. We follow semantic versioning and each of those pre-releases 0. As a means to engage with our community of developers and to be transparent about the course of our development efforts, you will find feature issues , milestones , and projects boards available on the Hydra Head repository. While our focus is creating meaningful and feature-packed releases as we journey along testnet and later mainnet maturity with version 1.

    These forecasts stem from both the work accomplished so far and our estimates of the work remaining ahead. We will measure our success by how much traffic will be running in Hydra Heads in comparison to the Cardano mainnet. Depending on your time, skills, and expertise, we welcome you to engage with us to share questions, feedback, or contribute to the development effort.

    This is a stellar opportunity to build a whole ecosystem of layer 2 solutions for Cardano together. The Hydra Head protocol will be the first building block of many advanced solutions to come. At IOG, we have already started working on some of them, but some will inevitably and fortunately! Subscribe to our Youtube channel and come join us! Diving deeper into the Marlowe Playground by Pablo Lamela. We ask: Does the project look like this other project? Has enough work been done to consider this piece "transformational" enough that it is a new work?

    These questions are valid when we live in a world without transparency, but with NFTs we can largely ignore such questions. Instead, we need to ask: Does this token have provenance? Can I look up on Etherscan and see the history I expect to see with this token? Is the art signed by the creator?

    We need to shift the focus away from appearance and towards provenance when we look at authenticity. Since the blockchain is immutable and public, we will always know who owns the original CryptoPunks and the original Bored Ape Yacht Club Apes 3. In the past, even experts have struggled with determining the authenticity of an artwork. There are numerous examples of museums figuring out years later that the work they purchased was inauthentic.

    Rather than censor projects like this, we need to create and display tools that evaluate provenance to allow the community to arrive at a distributed consensus. As punk wrote, "pixels are defended with copyright, provenance is defended with blockchains. We are entering a world where blockchains serve as the arbiter of Truth rather than a centralized entity and we need to adjust our frameworks to adapt 4.

    Shift the focus away from copyright, away from appearance, away from pixels, and towards the blockchain, towards provenance, and towards Truth. I may look back at this post a couple of years from now and disagree with my position here, but censorship is not the answer.

    Whatever solution we decide to use needs to be rooted in the first principles of a blockchain. Among those include censorship resistance, immutability, and distributed consensus. Interestingly enough, sometime between late to early OpenSea removed the following phrase from their Twitter bio: "A marketplace for the decentralized web. In fact, almost no NFT actually stores the art on the blockchain, doing so would be way too expensive.

    Most NFTs are just a representation of the metadata for the art. I realize here that until we all become used to minting every creative endeavor as an NFT, we will run into people having their artwork minted without their knowledge. In such cases we still need to rely on provenance, but rather than looking at which token came first we will need to look at which was signed by the real artist.

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