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    hydra please enter a number

    Hydra please enter a number

    Hydra please enter a number даркнет каталог сайтов вход на гидру


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    Остальные находки:. Состояние товара: Новейший. Soon, however, he realized the fight would be much harder than he anticipated. He had not been prepared for how difficult it would be to defeat the regenerating Hydra. With Iolaos Iolaus driving, Herakles rode a chariot to Lerna, and there, stopping the horses, he found the Hydra on a ridge beside the springs of Amymone where she nested.

    By throwing flaming spears at her he forced her to emerge, and as she did he was able to catch hold. But she hung on to him by wrapping herself round one of his feet, and he was unable to help matters by striking her with his club, for as soon as one head was pounded off two others would grow in its place. Then a giant crab came along to help the Hydra, and bit Herakles on the foot. Faced with both the invulnerability of the Hydra and the crab that appeared to help it, Heracles realized he was outmatched.

    His strength and skill would be nothing against a creature whose heads grew back and multiplied faster than he could dispatch them. Other depictions had him using a sword or a handheld sickle to slice through the many coiling necks of the creature he fought. The crab was easy to defeat, he simply crushed it beneath his foot, and had come, or been sent by Hera, simply as a distraction.

    The many-headed Hydra could not be overcome alone, though. Heracles called for his nephew to help him, and the clever young man came up with an ingenious way to stop the beast. Perhaps inspired by Athena, he picked up one of the flaming torches they had used to find their way through the marsh. As soon as a head was removed, he used the torch to cauterize the wound. By acting so quickly, the wound was closed before a new set of heads could grow from it.

    Only one remained. According to some versions of the legend , the center head of the monster provided an additional obstacle. This head, unlike the others, could not be killed. Heracles used his golden sword, a gift from Athena , to remove this last serpentine head. As it continued to wriggle and lash out at him, he placed it beneath an enormous rock to keep it from being a further threat.

    The rock remained as a landmark between the town of Lerna and neighboring Elaius. No one ever dared to move it and risk exposing the deadly, still living, head of the Hydra. His second task complete, Heracles returned to Eurystheus. By receiving help from his nephew, Heracles had failed to complete the task by himself.

    Eurystheus would eventually assign Heracles two additional tasks to replace the ones he had gotten help with, bringing the number of quests to twelve. Although he made the last two jobs particularly dangerous, stealing a golden apple of immortality from the Hesperides and bringing Cerberus out of the underworld, Heracles prevailed in the end.

    She plagued him throughout his life but was unable to kill him for many years. The goddess placed the Hydra into the night sky as a constellation to commemorate it. The crab she placed there, as well, as the constellation Cancer. After destroying the great snake creature, Heracles saw a use for its potent venom. These poisoned arrows would service Heracles well in his later adventures. He used them many times in both the labors assigned by Eurystheus and other fights.

    As the centaur lay dying from the toxins on the arrow, he cleverly came up with a way to get his revenge on Heracles. The death also left a stain on the earth itself. The blood on the robe was tainted with a terrible poison. When Heracles put on that robe, it began to burn his skin.

    Searing him to the bone, the poison nearly drove the hero mad with pain. As the poison ate away at his body, Heracles threw himself onto the pyre. His wife, realizing what she had done, killed herself in despair. Before his death, Heracles had made his son Hyllus vow to marry Iole so she would not be left alone. This was not the end of Heracles, however. He had achieved redemption and been accepted as the son of Zeus. The flames that were meant to cremate him burned away only his mortal half.

    The divine part of him that came from Zeus remained. Now fully divine, he ascended to Olympus to take his place among the ruling gods. The last poisoned arrow would be used by him to kill Paris at the height of the Trojan War. Like many myths of ancient Greece, the story of the Hydra has its roots far deeper in history. To trace the origins of the Hydra, one has to look beyond the Mediterranean and to the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia.

    The closely-related civilisations of Assyria, Babylon, and Sumer gave rise to many of the legends and deities that were eventually seen in Greece and throughout Europe. One of the most popular deities in ancient Mesopotamia was Ninurta, a god of hunting, agriculture, war, and law. His strength and exploits made him particularly loved by the Assyrians. The tale of Ninurta has obvious parallels to that of Heracles. The Assyrian god was said to have killed wild bulls and the monstrous Anzu bird, and captured a set of prized cows.

    Like the Hydra, the serpent of Mesopotamian mythology belonged to a family of monsters. The three horned snakes of the Assyrians were connected just as the many snake-like creatures birthed by Echidna were. It was described as having seven tongues in six mouths. The Mesopotamians, like the Greeks, memorialized their great monsters and warriors in the sky. The Akkadians placed Basmu in the stars, creating the same constellation as the Greek Hydra.

    It is often used in science. Of course, the constellations of Hydra and Cancer remain today. A later constellation, first presented in the 16th century, was named Hydrus as a male counterpart to the female water snake mapped by the Greeks. The name was also given in astronomy to one of the moons of the dwarf exoplanet Pluto. All the moons of Pluto reference monsters and deities of the Greek underworld, in honor of the planet being named for the Roman equivalent of Hades.

    Hydra is joined by Charon, Kerberos, Styx, and Nix. Hydra is also the name given to a genus of freshwater hydrozoa. These microscopic organisms are defined by their branching shape and regenerative capabilities. Scientists have discovered that these hydrae appear not to age. Their ability to generate, like their namesake, makes them immune from both minor injury and cellular degeneration.

    The most recent Hydra in the British fleet was not a warship, but rather one dedicated to scientific research. The HMS Hydra was launched in as an oceanic survey vessel and is still in use under a different name in Indonesia. In computing the name has been given to any program or site that branches out. It was both a far-reaching virus and the new name of the Pirate Bay sharing site when it split into six domains. Of course, the Hydra is not remembered only for its interest to scientists and sailors.

    The monster remains a popular inspiration in works of fiction and art. Hydra is both the name of an evil corporation and an individual villainess in the Marvel comic book universe. In the complex fictional world created by H. Lovecraft, Mother Hydra is one of the rulers of the Deep Ones.

    With the more infamous Cthulu, she is one of the largest and oldest of these mysterious ocean entities. Like many other Greek monsters, the Hydra has also inspired countless enemies in video and tabletop games as well as cartoons. Over two thousand years after it appeared in mythology, the Lernaean Hydra continues to inspire with its branching heads and power to regenerate and heal.

    The monsters of Greek mythology often represented very specific dangers or elements. The Hydra was no different, serving as a symbol for both water serpents and the dangerous swamps they inhabited. The Hydra is still a frightening creature, even though most people no longer have a reason to be afraid of its specific home. The Greek monsters so often had serpentine attributes because these automatically signalled danger.

    Bringing to mind a whole nest of snakes instead of a singular threat, they make the monster even more frightening.

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