• Corsair h5 sf hydra series

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    corsair h5 sf hydra series

    Corsair h5 sf hydra series

    Corsair h5 sf hydra series даркнет убийство в прямом эфире corsair h5 sf hydra series


    Login Register. As the cooler is very case specific, we carried out tests outside of a case to gauge what results you might expect in near-perfect conditions. We place our test rigs under load using the Small FFTs stress test in the free application Prime95 , as this test is designed to place maximum load on the CPU.

    We always take the maximum temperature for consistency and do so after 15 minutes, which is enough time for temperatures to plateau. The results provided are the delta T results; the difference between the recorded CPU temperature and ambient temperature at the time of testing. Our labs are not temperature controlled, so this provides the most accurate method of comparison for coolers tested on different days.

    Any cooler that causes one of our CPUs to reach its thermal limit and downclock is considered a fail. If you have any other feedback as to how we can make them clearer, please let us know. Want to comment? Mounting to any Mini-ITX motherboard and equipped with a specially tuned low-noise blower fan, the H5 SF is able to cool even an overclocked CPU within the confines of the most compact small form factor cases.

    Related News Tags: Cooler Corsair. This is like Harley Davidson morons: after the earthdigger a. H-D rich Fucking merchandising, but many of us will never fall in the trap. Interesting concept. Reviews should be interesting, but doubt this will be much better than less expensive air coolers on the market. So W1zzard , any chance we may see this on review.

    I really want to know how this does and if it could do a decent overclock on something crazy! Ofcourse any bigger or high end cooler will do better, but does that fit as well? What I would think is an obvious design flaw is putting the fan facing down. This is perfect for my ML03 chassis downstairs. Then I could OC the Steam machine!

    Hm, considering the size and all, would same configuration with heatpipes instead of coolant hoses work in a similar way? I mean, laptops and blower graphic card coolers use same thing with heatpipes and it seems to work. No one upscaled it and used it like Corsair did here with this water AiO I have to see it physically. I will show you the most compact PC case alright : See if you can fit this thing there ;.

    Very neat. It could be a really great option for those smaller cases where you have enough for a low profile CPU cooler, but not one of those giant tower coolers.

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    Corsair Bulldog, SF PSU, H5 SF Water Cooling, New Cases, GTX 980 Ti Hydro GFX - CES 2016

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